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We recognise that the Internet is an exciting place to explore. There are many benefits for improving learning, developing social skills and for showing a window on the world which as parents we did not have when we were young.

However, we would not let our children cross the road without teaching them how to do so safely. Therefore we all have our part in making sure that everyone is safe when using technology. From supervising and talking to children when they are on the computer, monitoring their use of technology and supporting them with concerns.

The school has a wide range of resources that protect children; we teach all of our children how to be safe, we have Internet filters, and procedures and policies in place that link to e-safety.

In many cases parents feel that they know less than their children about computers and the Internet. To help there is plenty of advice that can be found by following the various links or reading the articles on this page.

We anticipate that there will be lots of new information appearing on this page, so please keep checking to keep yourself up to date with the latest guidance. We are very keen to support you, as parents of our school. If you ever have any concerns – please come and talk to Mary Alexander ( Headteacher).

BWMAT/School guidance for parents in current situation (ie Lockdown) – Keeping your child safe online

E-Safety Policies and Advice

Acceptable Use Policy

Digital Images Policy

E-safety Policy


ICT Policy


Minecraft – Parents Guide

Parental Controls


Advice on talking to your child about staying safe online: This includes what to do if you are worried about your child’s safety online, for example, taking inappropriate pictures, sharing personal information and more.

Childhoods_in Digital_leaflet_v3_Online


Social Website Awareness

Social media plays a large part in our lives these days and  of our children too but do we know what they are all about and which ones are age appropriate?

This is a link to the NSPCC social media checker

Share Aware: Help your child stay safe on social networks, apps and games. This includes a parent’s guide to talking to your child about what to share online, videos to support this, advice on what children use social networks for, age guidance and what to look out for:

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