In Earth Class the children are expected to take more responsibility for their own homework. They will need to be able to work to deadlines and make decisions about their work.

Homework timetable – Earth Class


Year 5 – Instant recall of multiplication tables and associated division facts is expected. Times Tables Rock Stars is available for children to practice their times tables and keep their speed up. If they have forgotten their user name and password they need to speak to us as soon as possible so we can find it for them.

Year 6 – Year six are set maths homework. This is not usually linked to our current classwork but is to keep skills sharp in the areas we are not covering.

It would be useful for the children to regularly practice the for operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Links to websites to support children with these calculations are available below.  Regular mental arithmetic practice is also beneficial; opportunities for this are all around us.

Written addition support 

Written subtraction support

Written multiplication support

Written short division 

Written long division support



Reading is about so much more than just the words, it is also about the enjoyment and understanding. Even if your child is a good reader please talk to them about their reading. Are they understanding what they are reading? Suggest books you enjoyed when you were their age. Read the same book as them so you can discuss it knowledgeably.

If your child is struggling with this vital skill then reading with them every day is important.


Each week we will be learning a spelling pattern and investigating how words are formed using this pattern. The patterns we are investigating this half term are linked below, should you wish to support your child with this element of their learning. There will be a test at the end of each half term to see how well these patterns have been understood.

Autumn Term 1 Spelling Patterns

Autumn Term 2 Spelling Patterns

Useful Spelling lists and websites are listed below:

Next 200 High Frequency words             Year 3/4 Spelling words          Year 5-6 Spelling words

Online Spelling help – websites to help with spelling activities:

Spellzone - the online English spelling resource        Mathsframe Ltd. Logo         SPOOKY SPELLINGS

Long Assignment

Sometimes we will set longer homework projects, usually in the form of assignments which they will be given a specific amount of time to complete it in.  The children will have to carry out research, make decisions on how to present their work and have it in on time!

Do not allow your child to simply cut and paste huge chunks of text from the internet! This is not good use of time and has very little positive impact on developing knowledge and understanding.

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