International Project (Comenius Project) 2009-2011

For 2 years the school was involved in an International Project funded through the British Council by the European Union. It allowed our school to create firm and lasting links with three other European Schools (in Spain, Hungary and Turkey). All staff had the opportunity to visit one of the other partner schools, and to be involved when the partner schools visited Horsington in May 2011.

It gave our school the opportunity to develop a greater international understanding and place this firmly within our curriculum. For our staff team it provided opportunity to strengthen the way team work together. The links have given us the evidence for a successful application for the International Schools Award.

Most schools that undertake such a project are within the secondary sector or much larger primary schools so this was a large undertaking, but very rewarding and stimulating and it will have a lasting impact on the way we work with our children in the future.

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