Air Class Home Learning

Here are some things to keep you busy. We want you to have fun doing these activities and learn at the same time!

This is a suggested timetable that you may find useful:

Reception – 15 minutes per session

Year 1 – 30 minutes per session

Year 2 –  45 minutes per session

In the afternoon the children can entertain themselves or be involved in active or arts based activities.

Please be mindful of e-safety issues – click here to go to all E-SAFETY information on our website

            Free E-book Library – there are lots of books here to choose from.

Image result for Purple Mash Logo     All key stage 1 children have a log in for Purple Mash. Click on the logo for the link.


For ideas of programs to use  click here




Year 2 children can log in to Timetables Rock Stars here

They have their passwords.


The children have an Easter booklet, Maths and English work

They can write a diary (to practice writing in the first person or I)

Write a 3 paragraph story (beginning, middle, end)

Write a poem about Spring

Write a newspaper report

All Year Groups

Your child will have 3 reading books. Please can you read to your child a picture or story book or a  traditional story as well

Activities at home:

Play board games and card games together

Make a clock using the template provided

Look at the time – o’clock, half past – Year 1 children/ o’clock, half past , quarter past and to – Year 2 children.

Play I-spy, In my basket ….., or At the shop I bought……

Children to write the alphabet and numbers correctly

Dot to Dot

Sing nursery rhymes and think of rhyming words

The children would benefit being involved in cook activities

Weighing and measuring objects


All children  to read and write sentences using the common exception words for Year 1 and Year 2

There are activities on CBBC for all children – mainly Reception and Year 1

Image result for alphablocks                                                                           Image result for Numberblocks

and also activities and ideas on BBC Key Stage 1 Bitesize especially for Year 2

Ideas for even more things to do!

Image result for activity images cartoon                   See the source image

Click the images above


















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