All members of staff work hard to establish positive relationships with all children.  These are based on trust and respect.  We achieve these by encouraging good attitudes and behaviour through rewards and praise.

Because we expect good manners from our pupils we treat them with courtesy.  We aim to develop self-discipline, self respect and respect for others so we attempt to promote an atmosphere where these are valued.

We remind pupils of what is acceptable by talking to them and showing them how we behave as adults.  We expect our children to keep our Golden Rules which are:

Always think about others

Be kind and gentle

Go carefully and thoughtfully

Speak politely and truthfully

In a small school we have the advantage of knowing our pupils well.  This helps us to maintain our good relationships.  If, however, any child continually breaks our school rules then action will be taken.  Often a verbal reprimand is sufficient.  In other cases parents will be contacted so that we can work together to overcome a problem.  If parents feel they have a concern then their first point of contact is the class teacher who will work with them to try to resolve the matter.

Good communication and the support of parents is essential in the maintenance of good standards of behaviour.

Here is our Behaviour Policy.

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