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Happy New Year. I wonder what 2017 is going to hold for us all.  I do know that it is going to contain hard work and excitement for Earth Class.

This week I am meeting an expert from Bath Spa University to plan our work on evolution.  Later in January we are off to Bath Spa for an ‘Aeronautics Day’. So Science and Design and Technology are well catered for. Earth Class are also going to start building a castle on the school field.

Our focus on reading is still very much on-going and I am really asking the children to challenge themselves in their choices of reading material.  Please do choose some exciting books to read to your child.  This enhances cultural and historical understanding as well as developing empathy and sympathy.

Production week is the week beginning 13th March and the main characters are busily learning their lines. We have the back drop to paint and props to make and much rehearsing to do.

In Maths our main foci are fractions, decimals and percentages. If you come across examples of these that you use in everyday life, please share them with your child.

Year 6 will have some dedicated Year 6 time on a Wednesday morning which will include a variety of activites aimed at developing familiarity with the expectation of the SATs.

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