Measuring Jumps

For our maths this week, the children have been considering length and height and have been measuring and comparing all sorts of strange things, as well as themselves and each other (apologies for the Year 2s being wrapped in masking tape yesterday… they hadn’t been naughty, they just needed a 1 metre reference point 😀 ).

This morning the Year 1s did a thorough, considered and professional job of measuring jumps.  First they decided together how to make it a fair test, agreeing the rules.  As they were doing standing jumps (taking off with both feet without a run up, and landing on both feet), I gave them only a 1 metre ruler (“That’ll be fine” I said confidently to Mrs J).  But they’d clearly all had quite a few shredded wheat this morning, as they quickly needed a couple of 30cm rulers too!

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