CEO weekly update 21/05/17

Dear All,

There has been an air of excitement and expectation across our schools this week.  Staff  and pupils have been rehearsing songs, practicing readings and preparing prayers ready for  ‘Together in Voice, Together in Faith, Life in All Its Fullness’ at Wells Cathedral on Monday. This promises to be a very special evening of shared worship and joy-filled celebration.


On Tuesday our HR and Remuneration Committee met to discuss Human Resources within our organisation:  our training and development needs; carrying out duties in relation to pay and, crucially, securing plans to continue to ensure the well-being of all staff across our Trust.


In September we will be welcoming pupils, staff, leaders and governors of Wembdon St George’s Church of England VC Primary School into our family of schools.  It was good to meet Judith Heale, Head teacher, and Dr Mike Davies, Chair of Governors, this week.


On Friday, Head teachers and our Support Team met at Dillington House for our Academy Leader’s Day. We welcomed our Assistant Directors of Learning and Achievement: Deborah Eveleigh (North Somerset); Jon Wood (Taunton) and Paula Park (South Somerset).


We reflected on the strengths of the BWMAT using a tree as a symbol of our Trust.


Our roots:  our Christian values of respect, kindness, perseverance, forgiveness and love, our shared aim and goals


Our trunk:  the strategies we draw on – school improvement, people, finance, growth and leadership


Our branches: our actions – what we do in every classroom, every school, in every part of our Trust, every day to live out our values and achieve our aim and goals.


Our leaves:  the language and behaviours we choose that create the culture of our organisation.


Head teachers worked together to create a vision for the future of each hub.  It was inspiring listening to Head teachers describe the roots of their hubs – their values and aims; the trunk – strategies to address their priorities for the coming year; the branches and leaves they plan to grow – the creative, exciting, ambitious activities and actions that will create the culture across their hub.  Below are some of the amazing visual representations Heads designed to share the essence of their hub’s future.  Thank you for working together to create a vision for each hub where the learning of all – pupils, staff and the community – will flourish and grow.

South Somerset Hub

Taunton Hub

North Somerset Hub
Support Team

Kind regards


Philip Bowditch

Chief Executive Officer

Diocese of Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust

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