Air Class is a mixed-age class of 5-7 year olds. Each year, approximately two-thirds of the class are Year 2 children, and one-third is Year 1 (the other Year 1 children are in Water Class).

The classroom is a detached building alongside the main playground, and is air-conditioned, has its own toilet facilities, and has a small study room.  Air Class benefits from a large outdoor area which is used daily, throughout the year, no matter the weather.  It is split into 3 main areas:

  • a covered, hard-surface area, for all-weather use;
  • an uncovered hard-surface area containing a raised flower bed, a playhouse and a water-wall;
  • a fenced, lawned garden containing a range of wooden climbing and role-play equipment.

The class teacher is Mr Canning, and the teaching assistants are Mrs Jamieson (Mrs J) and Mrs Padfield.  The class is also supported by a little, brown furry friend: Bob the Dog.

On the main class page you can keep in touch with everything that is happening in Air Class, including termly topics, events and activities, and the class gallery.

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