A Squash and a Squeeze

It will come as no surprise to many parents, but the children’s drama skills are absolutely fabulous!

As part of World Book Day, this afternoon they acted out Julia Donaldson’s & Axel Scheffler’s beautifully illustrated and hilariously written “A Squash and a Squeeze”. With only one quick rehearsal, they quickly got into character (method acting comes so naturally when there are farm animals involved) and prepared to enter stage left.   Our cloakroom seemed the perfect stage and, as can be seen below, we even had a beautiful highland cow to energise us.  By the time the whole class was in there, it was definitely a squash and a squeeze, but the goats were still able to nibble on the table’s leg (hence the look of pain!)  “How squashed we are!” exclaimed the children. [Ask the children if that sentence type is a genuine ‘exclamation’ or not.]

[No pressure for future birthday cakes, btw, but the bar has been set very high 😉 ]

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